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Supply Chain Management

Providence Medical supply chain managementProvidence Medical helps companies worldwide take the lead in an increasingly competitive and regulated medical device market. To do this, we have built speed, accuracy and efficiency into our capabilities through the deployment of intelligent supply-chain management practices outsourcing.

Broad Spectrum of Services

Providence Medical’s end-to-end supply-chain management capabilities include:

  • Vertical integration
  • Cost management
  • Obsolescence control
  • Just-in-time inventory management

Highest Standards

At Providence Medical, we don’t sacrifice quality for profitability. We have created a seamless process that ensures the highest level of quality, while keeping your bottom line and schedule always top of mind. Our in-house team of dedicated supply-chain experts ensures that all aspects of medical device production and distribution comply with your corporate and regulatory requirements.

Trusted Network

Our proven partner network ensures proficiency and excellence in every stage of production. We review each supplier regularly and work only with certified partners. Because of these stringent standards, Providence Medical customers enjoy accelerated time to market, without the risk or vulnerability associated with lead-time disruptions often experienced with other contract manufacturers.

Strategic Sourcing

Providence Medical only enlists premier suppliers who deliver components, subassemblies and services of the highest quality standards. Before accepting any supplier, our strategic sourcing team reviews their financial integrity, manufacturing facilities and quality systems to verify stated sourcing and supply-chain capabilities.


When engaged with Providence Medical, product safety and integrity are monitored at every step.  
Your projects are entered into a closed-loop tracking system, which registers receipt of raw materials, and tracks them to an in-house compounding facility, through final production of your consumer-ready product. We also maintain a Clean Room for the handling of biocompatible raw materials.

Make vs. Buy

With Providence Medical’s multiple levels of vertical integration, we continually weigh internal manufacturing costs against the expense of using outside sources. We benchmark our internal capabilities with external suppliers to evaluate potential cost-saving opportunities. This enables Providence Medical to remain cost-competitive and ahead of the technology curve.

Purchasing Power

Providence Medical leverages the global buying power and capabilities of our parent company, Providence Enterprise Limited. This helps Providence Medical clients realize savings and cost efficiencies only available with the buying power of a large organization.

Contact us to learn more about our Supply Chain Management practices outsourcing. 



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