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Product Assembly

Providence Medical Product AssemblyThe quality, speed and accuracy of product assembly is a critical differentiator between medical device contract manufacturing companies. At Providence Medical, we excel in this area by offering progressive, world-class assembly services that range from semi-manual to high-speed automation.

Most medical device manufacturing requires some level of assembly floor automation, which must often be customized to the products being produced. To meet this need, Providence Medical develops its own tools and fixtures. This not only helps drive productivity and satisfy performance specifications, it also provides reliable, consistent quality-assurance metrics.

Other in-house standards and practices that lower your costs and accelerate time to market include:

  • Just-in-time, ship-to-stock and ship-to-line programs
  • Continuous flow manufacturing
  • Demand flow processes and statistical process controls
  • Inventory management expertise
  • Volume procurement capabilities

 Real-time Workflow Tracking

Through our manufacturing resources planning system, Providence Medical enjoys real-time visibility of material availability and WIP tracking. We use electronic data interchange (EDI) and web portals with customers and suppliers to support a variety of supply-chain management programs. EDI allows customers to share demand and product forecasts and efficiently deliver purchase orders, while also assisting suppliers with just-in-time delivery and supplier-managed inventory.

Contact us to learn more about Product Assembly for medical device contract manufacturing outsourcing.


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